SCGB Membership Policy

Dear Friends,

We have changed our Membership Policy. You can now join the Serbian Council of Great Britain without a membership fee. We are working to increase our membership base in order to involve more and new people who support the organisation’s aims and objectives and who want to support the planning and the delivery of the SCGB’s work in the future. As you know, our work entirely depends on voluntary work and donations. The Management Committee of the Serbian Council of Great Britain (SCGB) believes that our work is best delivered through projects in various areas that are of importance to the Serbian Community in Britain.  Therefore, while we think that joining the organisation should be free of charge we would like to ask that instead of just paying £25 (or £15 if you are an OAP) for the membership and not necessarily knowing what your money is specifically spent on, you could now help us to raise funds for a particular project.

For example, our new project for 2013 is about improving access to learning the Serbian language in Britain. We will be piloting a project teaching Serbian language for a year at GCSE level for about 15 students. This kind of provision has never been available in Britain and it complements the work of all other current Serbian language schools that cater for younger children. We believe that this project supports the preservation of the Serbian culture and language and that in the long run may help with bringing back the Serbian Language into the British education system.

SCGB has joined forces with British and Serbian language experts and is planning to start the class from January 2013. To make it possible we need to raise £5000 and we hope that you will be able to help.

Join the SCGB for free and please make a donation of at least £25 (or £15 if you are an OAP) – which is what you have paid in the past or would have done if you wanted to join anyway.  Of course, we will be delighted and very grateful if you decide to be even more generous.

Joining and donating to a specific project is very easy to do and will not take too much of your time. You can find the membership application/donation form below that you can fill out and please send back to our Treasurer, Ivan Miletic.

Please contact us for any other questions you may have at [email protected].

Best wishes,

Serbian Council of Great Britain