Support Gorana Jovanović, Serbian filmmaker and film ‘Kings for a Day’

‘King for a Day’ is a graduation project of a group of students from Westminster Film School, with Belgrade-born Gorana Jovanović set to direct it.

‘King for a Day’ tells the story about a young man Will who, upon his release from prison, traces his younger brother Daniel and persuades him to come and live with him out in the woods. Once they find themselves surrounded only by nature, the brothers start to rebuild their relationship, but unlike Will, Daniel feels that their fantasy cannot last forever.

The project is currently in pre-production and is going to be 20 minutes long and shot on 16mm film. The shooting will commence in the first week of April on location in North West London, with a crew of 30 people working on it.

Graduation films from the WestminsterFilmSchool are entered into festivals all over the world, with a terrific success rate. For the past two years films from Westminster have made the shortlist, under the ‘Best Foreign Film’ category at the student division of the Academy Awards – last year receiving the Oscar with ‘For Elsie’. The crew of ‘King for a Day’ has equal expectations of their film. Gorana also hopes that once finished, ‘King for a Day’ will get to be seen by an audience ‘back home’ as well.

The film’s director, Gorana Jovanović was born and raised in Belgrade, where after finishing the High School of Design, she enrolled into the Academy of Arts to study film directing. In 2010, she moved to London to continue her studies at the University of Westminster. In the meantime, she volunteered at two film festivals and on a feature film; she also directed three music videos. While in her first year at Westminster, she interned at a script consulting agency in London. Altogether, she has worked on 18 student films during her studies in both Belgrade and London, mostly in HoD roles. In March of last year, Gorana completed her first feature length screenplay Traces, which she plans to produce after graduation. She also managed to land in an ENG crew covering the athletics for the Olympic News Channel during London 2012 and get work as a script consultant on a Belgian-French co-production.

The crew is currently making an effort to raise funds for the film. Apart from relying on donations by friends and family, the crew has been fundraising through bag packing in supermarkets and is being sponsored by Bentley Priory Nature Reserve in Stanmore, where the main part of the film will be shot.

If you wish to help them achieve their goal, you can make a donation through their website:

For more information, send an email to [email protected] or call Gorana on +44(0)7989098693.

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