Branco Stoysin to release a new album in the spring

The 15 year anniversary of the Sun Recordings label.

The 7th ultimate guitar album “ALONE” by guitarist/composer Branco Stoysin, 7 stunning new tracks alongside 3 favourites in a new light,  the original music in its most pastoral, lyrical and tranquil…An elixir for heart and soul, and ears tired of all the noise and (imposed) audio pollution. 

alone adj. adv. 1. apart from another or others; solitary. 2. without anyone or anything else. 3. without equal; unique

Have you ever wondered where are the tiny Sun Studio and Sun Recordings situated? On the Sunless island three meters away from a very busy and noisy A road, a part of the South Circular. So you may now wonder how are our recordings so Sunny, pure, tranquil, pastoral and heart worming. Well the thing is, what matters is what’s truly inside of a person, of an artist.

It is said that art depicts society, and artist’s inner self too should be added, and nowadays most of the art is certainly either shallow, loud, aggressive or dark.

But art also could and should depicts the other side, a brighter side, one that certainly (co)exists deep and hidden, tranquil and beautiful…the side somewhat “forgotten or lost” or very much taken for granted.

The ultimate album, and short movie, “ALONE” by guitarist/composer Branco Stoysin just might depict all of that, celebrating and dedicated to: all the good things alone, the Sun, the gorgeous star that grant us life, (Branco’s prime inspiration); the 70th anniversary of passing of the greatest, but inhumanly denied and “forgotten”, Nikola Tesla, a Serbian born genius of electricity without whom there would be no light or civilised life we know of that most of us take for granted; and all the nature’s wonderful solitaries; a gingko tree…a robin…or a heron; and also remembering all dear and lost souls…

This beautiful 6 page digi-pack album, reminiscence of “old fashioned” LPs, marks the Sun Recordings label’s 15 year anniversary, eight releases in total (7 CDs and 1 DVD), with over 50 original tracks released so far. As a bonus the release include Alone short movie on a DVD, showcasing inspiration and creation.

Indeed a very special release and occasion.

No Tesla no light, No Sun no life.

And whispers from Sun flow into music…

Sun must be written with a capital S.

Sun Recordings, London.

“A musical journey to warm the soul” Sarah Ward, Jazz FM. for CDs, DVDs and all the info.

For more info on Tesla see Nikola Tesla-Genius of Electricity page of Branco’s website: 

And visit comprehensive Nikola Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia, website