Fundraising for Čika Boca’s Fifth Summer Camp for Cancer Kids

Picture this: a child has cancer and goes though months and months of fear and therapy, misses out on school and play, loses hair… Then, happily, the child is cured and starts going back to school. Now, new problems arise: teachers are confused, other children are scared, the child has difficulties fitting back into society.

Čika Boca is an NGO helping such kids. They organize social events, clubs and activities, they take these cancer kids to summer camps and perform training in schools in order to teach professors and the kids’ peers how to behave, what to expect and how not to be afraid of befriending and accepting these unlucky children.

Pedja Ristic, writer and musician is raising money for Čika Boca’s fifth Summer Camp for Cancer Kids in June this year.
Please join in donating generously at this fundraising website