Bakina Tajna Update: Serbian ajvar and jams hit Holland & Barrett online (from Britic)

Granny’s Secret appears on Holland & Barrett website in a further expansion of the Serbian brand.

In a further update to the rising fortunes of Bakina Tajna (Granny’s Secret) that we reported last year, the Serbian fine food label is now listed on the UK’s premiere natural food store online.
There are 15 products listed online from ajvar, juices and jams with natural ingredients without a trace of artificial preservatives. Now there’s no excuse not to buy Serbian products, they can even be delivered to your door or just click and collect at your nearest Holland and Barrett store.
Founder of the Granny’s Secret Ltd in the UK, Snežana Milanović-Knowles, invite us all to support the brand and eat healthily too:
‘It has taken lots of picking from the fields of peppers, grilling and slow gentle cooking to prepare Ayvar and fruit preserves in Serbia, but also lots of hard work to find and persuade British retailers that Ayvar from Serbia is the very best, new condiment and that will appeal to the consumer. What started out of nostalgia for home-style dishes with lots of hours spent with your granny by her old cooker in a small house in a remote village (one of many) in Serbia, with some effort and passion have become the same Granny’s recipes that have now emerged to the leading health food and drinks retailer – Holland & Barrett. If you would like to help promote further so everyone hears about (and wants to try) it – please do ! Let’s bring home dishes to our homes and to our children here in UK – by leaving some good feedback on-line!
The benefits are enormous for your and your family’s health: delicious, no additives, vegetarian, vegan, juices are with no added sugar….and we are all educating our next generation of what serbian best dishes are like.’

Click below to browser the range:

Please leave feedback if you have H&B account.

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