Embrace – Op Sa! Balkan Band + Azza call for donations to Hummingbird Project UK

Donate to the Hummingbird Project to help children and adult refugees affected by the ongoing crisis in Calais and elsewhere around the world by purchasing our new single:

Working in co-operation with Hummingbird Project UK, the donations for this track will be directly sent to this charity which deals with children and adult refugees in Calais or elsewhere but still affected by the ongoing crisis and the effects of displacement. Op Sa! + Azza have put £5 as a minimum, but charity givers are free to choose a higher payment if they feel like it. We thank everybody very much for their endevour in this project and hope it will succeed in helping people in difficult situations around the world.

Embrace – Op Sa! Balkan Band + Azza
Czech Romani Gypsy rapper Azza from Margate collaborates with London-based Gypsy Balkan Brass group Op Sa! to create a single for charity.

Written by Stefan Melovski & Aron Cuga (Azza)
Lyrics: Aron Cuga
Music: Stefan Melovski
released December 12, 2016

Performed by Op Sa! Balkan Band
Recorded by Ahmad Dayes at Midi Music Studio, Deptford

Videography Sebastián Ilari
Video editing: Sebastián Ilari / Stefan Melovski
Assistants Coral Montejano / Tereza Stachová

Lily Carassik (trumpet), James Docherty (trumpet), Nick Armstrong (bass trumpet), Eve Wieltschnig (clarinet), Masa Mujic (clarinet), Sophie Flint (alto sax – Wesley Frankel on recording), Rosie Turton (Trombone – John Caddick on original recording), Hannah Dilkes (trombone), Stefan Melovski (guitar), PJ Bennett (guitar), Andy Johnson (tuba), Robin Maclennan (percussion on video), Olly Sarkar (drums)

Coral Montejano, Tereza Stachova (extras)