Appeal for support of young Serbian authors

In recent years the number of young talented writers in Serbia in domain of thriller epic, science fiction, sociology and history has rose. These young authors don’t have any other satisfaction other then personal and moral one for writing, so we would like to appeal to our people abroad to buy unpublished electronic books of Serbian young authors available on well known international sites such as Barnes and Nobles, Scribed, Amazon, ITunes and others. Books are in electronic form like a e pub format which can be read on kindle, tablet or a PC.
Their exceptional work could be compared to a first class authors of its style.

Current difficult situation in Serbia reflects intellectuals and established authors, enabling them to print and publish their work. Therefore their books can not see light of a day and be available to a reader or a big number of people.
Their work, with our help can reach a number of Serbian speaking public, and we are calling on our people abroad to buy books of these young authors and that way make their contribution of expanding and supporting Serbian culture in the world.
This way we will take a moral stance in giving a support and encouragement for their efforts and creative work.

Last few years works of following authors were noticed:

Bojan Savic, lawyer, wrote a book in domain of history and sociology Osvrt na Treci rajh, nacional-socijalizam kao i moderne neonacizme -Kritika jedne diktature / A view on Third Rayh, National Socialism and Modern Neo-Nazism – Critic of One Dictatorship. Author describes development of the National Socialistic Party, economic and social circumstances as well as philosophy and religion that influenced its development. Book also covers life of Adolf Hitler and modern Neo-Nazis movement, also mentioning and explaining current presence of economic monetarism. Author presents nationalism in its negative context.

In his second book O nasim velikanima / About Our Great People, author Bojan Savic writes about lives and achievements of famous Serbs, chronologically describing events from their lives. Book features forty well known Serbs from Stefan Nemanja, a pioneer of Serbian state to Milos Crnjanski, describing well known and less known facts from their lives.

Poslednji grad / Last City is a book by Nebojsa Petkovic, a young Serbian author from Belgrade. His work belongs to domain of epic fantasy and can be compered to first class authors of its style, from Tolkin to Zelazny. Story describes a world which is after a big war returning to a pagan medieval time. Following burning of his village young boy Vuk takes an epic journey to a city at the end of the world, where the remaining secrets of the advanced Old World are kept. Nebojsa Petkovic here uses style of epic fantasy in combination of psychological thriller to show one post apocalyptic story.

Mladen Jankovic, a young writer from Novi Sad, after graduating English language and literature wrote a number of works in epic and science fiction style, such as Door of the Down, Alternative Reality of Filip Dick, Myth and Technology, Doger Zelazy .
In the book Vrata sumraka / Door of the Down, author gives description of a journey of young Stela who is going to look for his beloved girlfriend, with help of magic Sian. On this journey he comes to unbelievable insight that will change his perspective of the world and at the same time he described an individuation in a metaphysically born world.

Milos Mihailovic, also young Serbian author wrote a novel Ereja, that describes earth Ereja occupied by aliens from a planet Mora. The main character Arkam er Ahon is involved in Ereja’s defence fight. After some disagreement within, hero runs away to Gotia where he is trained in an army school. He makes friend and enemies and again after a distraction runs away exiled and his personal saga continues…

These and other books are available at following websites: Barnes and Noble,,,, Kobo, Scribd, ITunes and others.