Branco Stoysin’s golden-toned dedication to Tesla (article from Britic)


London-based jazz guitarist releases the exquisite music book and album “ALONE” dedicated to hero Nikola Tesla.
Branco has made a name for himself among British jazz enthusiasts for the sunshine-soasked and delicately Balkanesque tracks.
“ALONE” is a new music book which accompanies the previously released solo-guitar and highly-acclaimed album, by Branco Stoysin. He says:
The book is dedicated to Nikola Tesla, marking 160 years since the birth of Tesla and 120 years since the birth of modern civilization, The Niagara Falls and harnessing of Tesla’s AC Polyphase System, the sole event that propelled the world to where it is today. A segment from the book: “Every pylon everywhere in the world carries Tesla’s blood, the electricity, to lighten your existence.” Tesla made all the rolling world around us possible yet largely remains unknown and denied, and knowledge about Him forbidden! This is inhumane.

Watch the promo-video which features “Aurora Tesla” from the album: here
To purchase the book (CD album included), the link: here
Tribute page on Nikola Tesla, the link: here

Branco will also promote the music book with a solo-guitar concert titled “From Serbia With Love” at the prestigious Dillington Classical Guitar Festival, in beautiful Somerset, on the 4th of August, joined by the festival director Peter Rueffer on two tunes at the end, and the following day will also perform Branco’s “So Lovely” tune, written for 8 guitars, with whole classical guitar orchestra.

Branco will also exhibit his fine art photography of nature on our doorsteps at the Artist Open House, Dulwich Festival 2016 on Saturdays 7 & 14 and Sundays 8 & 15 of May from 11am till 6pm.