Award Ceremony – Serbian GCSE style course

The hard work and achievements of the twenty one pupils who successfully completed the Serbian GCSE style course in December 2015 were celebrated at an Award Ceremony on the 23rd February 2016. This red carpet style Award Ceremony was hosted at the five star Westbury Mayfair Hotel, for the second year running, thanks to the generosity of Mr Zeljko Stasevic, General Manager of the hotel. Mr Stasevic not only provided a high class venue for the event but was kind enough to provide refreshments for over sixty invited guests. His staff were so professional and welcoming that everyone felt like a real star.
Thanks to the good offices of Zoran Krneta, the pupils were lucky enough to receive their certificates from Nemanja Matic, the Chelsea footballer, who took time out from his busy schedule to attend the Award Ceremony with his wife Alexandra. Nemanja told the audience how important it is for young people in the Serbian diaspora to learn their language so that they do not lose their cultural identity and are able to retain close ties with their families back home. Much to the delight of the teachers Nemanja said that he used the Cyrillic alphabet. He praised the students on their dedication, 3 hours every Saturday afternoon over one calendar year in lessons, and their great success. To congratulate them Nemanja said that he, and Branislav Ivanovic, would like to invite them to attend a match at Stamford Bridge and the students are attending the match against West Ham on 19 March 2016.
The Award Ceremony was also an opportunity to thank parents for recognising the importance of sending their children on the course despite all the other pressures on their and their children’s time and to publically acknowledge those without whom it would not be possible to deliver the course – Drs David Norris and Vladislava Ribnikar, University of Nottingham who designed and marked the exams, Jelena Stanojlovic, one of the Directors of Studies who has ensured that the course mirrors other Modern languages GCSE courses, and above all the hard working teachers, Dobrila Kostic and Mirjana Jovanovic Lazic in London and Silvana Brkanlic in Corby.