Gordana Miller – In memoriam

Goca MillerMany years have led to the point in time when the Serbian Diaspora in Britain can be proud of what it has achieved. If we look back to when this all started, we find our very own Gordana Miller. She is synonymous with culture, theatre and music, and much, much more. Gordana was a person who brought Serbian culture to us and our British friends and united our separate lives. In today’s terms she was our ‘social network’, but in old fashioned language she was someone who knew, helped and cared for everyone. She was liked by people from very different walks of life: from famous actors, writers and businessmen to ordinary people and poor gypsy children. Gordana was dedicated to them all in her honest and straightforward manner. She was as a ‘mother’ to everyone with her kind, and occasionally strict approach, but always with the intention of helping individuals or the community as a whole. Her kindness shone through especially when dealing with people in need. Her tireless work, energy and enthusiasm helped so many people: from those suffering with epilepsy, children and young people in Serbia and England to any individual that needed help. She was especially admired for her enormous energy, which, together with her long-standing friends and colleagues, especially the late Miki Stojilkovic, she used to steer the Serbian Society through difficult times.

The Serbian community in Britain owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Gordana for her achievements, on which we can build and take forward. Many people are grateful to her for changing their lives and we are all grateful to her for wonderful moments of joy, laughter, music and unity she brought to us. She left us on 14th November 2014 after a long and difficult illness and was laid to rest in Belgrade. We are grateful to her friends Vesna Petkovic and Olga Gakovic for making sure that Gordana will be remembered through the establishment of the Gordana Miller Foundation. We look forward to celebrating the life of such an extraordinary person at the first event in January.

More details about ‘Gordana Miller Foundation’ at http://serbianlibrary.wordpress.com/