Help Sara speak again (article from Britic)

Seven-year-old Sara Striković needs our help to slowly rebuild her life after she struck her head in a tragic accident.

Sara with her little brother Sava

Sara with her little brother Sava

Sara was born a perfectly healthy baby girl but as a toddler her brain sustained damage after a tragic fall from her chair where she struck her head against a metal bar. She was left unable to walk or talk. Sara battled to recover and after five months was once again able to walk. As her friends start their school year, Sara continues to struggle with her speech as that part of her brain remains severely affected.

Sara’s parents faced an uphill struggle to get access to proper therapy as there are no speech therapists in her home town of Nikšić in Montenegro. Sara was referred to a specialist in Belgrade where she needs to stay for a year. She is making good progress at the Institute of Experimental Phonetics and Pathology of Speech with Dr Đorđević.

Sara undergoing speech therapy

Sara undergoing speech therapy

The team of speech therapists at the Institute have prescribed a special diet for Sara, which involves eating gluten-free food and taking multi-vitamins and minerals. Apart form worrying for her daughter, Sara’s mother, together with her three-year-old brother Sava, is struggling to meet the cost of living in Belgrade.

The family has raised this appeal to all people of good will to contribute whatever they can to help Sara continue her treatment and recover her speech and to join her friends in school next year.

You can help Sara say her first words. After she finishes her therapy, Sara will say a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have helped her on her road to recovery.

You can donate to Sara by PayPal (via Sara’s UK-based relation) on the following account:

[email protected]

If you have an account in Serbia, you can transfer to the following accounts:

OTP Banka Srbija

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