Branco Stoysin supporting Serbian Floods Appeal

Branco Stoysin supporting Serbian Floods Appeal

Serbia Floods: £5 of each sold Lily of the Valley the music notations book and the CD ALONE (dedicated to Nikola Tesla) will be donated to The Floods Relief

Just published, Lily of the Valley the music book featuring the notations and arrangements of enthralling 18 pieces of trad folk from Serbia and former Yugoslavia and Branco’s originals in the genre, as performed on the worldwide acclaimed same title album. CD included with the book.

Link to the book:

To watch a snappy 60 sec video ad, telling you nicely all about the book follow the link:

Link to ALONE CD (dedicated to Nikola Tesla):

NEWS: Exclusive and for the very first time in history of British music education there will be a music course of trad folk music from Serbia (and former Yugoslavia) based on the book/album Lily of the Valley taught by Branco Stoysin at one-and-only City Lit College this summer, on Sundays from 13th July to 17th of August, for details link:

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